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Here's a story about my band I met NK when I was one
Played together cried together Experience'n all together
Father & mother's friends & other's they had so much color's,
For us to see, for us to be something we wanted to be
1996 had a performance, in front of million's of audience,
Me, NK, Char & Yu now is the time to thank you
That's the day the band was made it was the place for me to play
To let go all the hate, guitar & drums that was it

I just wanted to play with you
I just wanted to play with you
It's a story, here's story of my band

Here's a story about my band, I was 16 wanting a trio band
Wanting a Wood Base grunge の Player, thanks to Shingo sooner or later
TokieのMemory you my family, Chick Bassist play'n カミナリ
Made me crazy, her skill's & technique Upright Bass hard & (but so) sexy
Years went by デビューのTime, Why I'm Me 売れたのWhy?
What sells? & what doesn't? I don't even know but I became a puppet
Trioから A twin so sudden NAKA, u:zo, I love them,
Never thought we could Jam again, RIZE 4 pieceになったね
You made me strong オレ変われた Did I make you strongねえ変われた?
Being in a band is tough & it's painful never lose the love so be careful
何があっても変わりゃしねー バカなお前にゃ代わりはねー
It's the place for me to play to let go all the pain

I just want to play with you
I just want to play for you
カミナリが止んでも 何があっても I'm here for you
It's a story, here's a story of my band

Let me tell you a story about KENKEN always dreamed to be
In a band with me NAKA & NK, 仲間と一緒にBass弾きたくて
今となってはBANDのメンバー 欠かせないよYou my brother
Play'n Bass like Guitar solo I wanna play with you これからも