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  • を含む
  • から始まる
  • と完全一致




Lost in Time

Lost in this moment, and now It's clear /
Drowning yourself through pain you feared won't make you better
Accepting life that fate could bring you to the other side /
can't make you better

Space controls our minds through the seasons /
Time will tear our bodies to pieces
Our eyes enfold the secret to holding on

Can you see clearly now going further and further below /
I can see clearly now in those words

“We are such simple believers” / We're all just killers of dreamers
That doesn't mean we aren't just holding to youth again

This time we can't let go with all that we got /
These pages turn into something we don't know of
Existing tastes the same again, holding on to /
simple feelings you can't let go on your own

We all regret, forget, reset to never let it go /
It's just a part of growing up to know you are alone
Breath in and out let the wind hit the earth /
While the fire takes over the parts of your body
Just breath in and out let the wind hit the earth /
While the fire takes over you parts of your body

Break away
Take it all break away now / Take it all break away

Break the silence
Ready to find yourself? / Yeah find yourself!

Make it timeless / Lost in time
we got to find ourselves!