• アーティスト
  • 楽曲
  • 歌詞


  • を含む
  • から始まる
  • と完全一致




Oo La La

What if you took the long way down
To your favorite cafe on the east side of town
And you got stuck at the light
So you turn down a side street
But you couldn't drive down
'Cause it's a Saturday swap meet?

Oo la la...

So you get out of your car
And you walk through the crowd
You bargain for a teapot in the shape of an owl
So you walk and you walk and you walk
To the coffee shop

Oo la la...

You feel lonely and shy
But you take the empty seat next to the cute guy

What if he smiled when you asked for the time?
Your pen wouldn't write, so he said, “Take mine”
When your coffee got cold, he bought you another
You didn't know it yet
But you were meant for each other

Oo la la…

What if you taked 'til it was time to go?
He said, “See you around”
And you said, “Who Knows?”
But you knew in your heart
That you'd see him again
After walking down a side street
Coming from a new direction

Oo la la…