• アーティスト
  • 楽曲
  • 歌詞


  • を含む
  • から始まる
  • と完全一致




Sinking Ships

What the hell is hidden inside there?
Treasure island we see over there
They've set sail to find that out
Ocean, wild like it has gone mad

Sinking ships that come their way
But life has just been like that always

The things we have wanted are always beyond ourselves
They're always laughing at us showing off their sharpened fangs
We would probably be better off not knowing anything at all

People grow up to realize
Treasures we may seek is owned by someone
Other than yourself and
They will never let it go from their hands

They're the people that are chosen
From the start by the maker above

Everything is unfair from when we were brought into this world

What do you seek when you set sail into sea, into sea?
You will sink just like they have so why not just give in?
Live within your own means
Because that way life is going to be good in it's own way

But if you say you must set sail into sea, into sea
Let me be the one with you, on the way, hope it's ok
I need to go on a voyage and show him
who made this world so unfair