• アーティスト
  • 楽曲
  • 歌詞


  • を含む
  • から始まる
  • と完全一致




in my bed room

13miles away from the end of the city noise
Our home is standing still alone
With your usual smile just like a schnauzer
Let's gather around a pot of hot stew

I'm looking for the day that is your next birthday
I'm sorry dear turkey in our yard
And cover this old table with unequal legs
with goody we'd ever imagine

Oh my god is sick in bed
Please save me more than trying my luck
I fail to understand for good and all
Any reasons you have, I still don't satisfy
There is no light to be seen
Can't you hear?
Little light coming through the skylight jusu for me
It makes me feel my answers are all wrong

The night sky I see from my bedroom,
There's the future we have been hoping for
Now it's okay
I will keep on walking till see your awkward smile again
I don't care if I become just a memory for you my girl
You're the only one who makes me strong enough to bear
This sorrow inside me, you're the one