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South Wind

South Wind

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won't you hit me with the same old rhythm
they wash out all my troubles and all my worries
when I'm lost in the conversation
ふさぎ込んでるのは 昨日の思い出に

nothing's gonna cheer me up やっぱ彼女がbest
it start to feel like that I'm nothing but a pest
hey, waite a minute いたずらなmenace
don't let it get to you cause you have future of your own

ladi lalalala the south wind blows,
and it's giving me something
ただ 思うさま 歌って歩けば 心も躍るさ
So I grab the guitar it gets me high,
always giving me something new
I'll be going out and I'll be singing

OH,it's a beutiful world that we're living in yeah
I just sit down and it makes me feel alright
星の瞬きも 風のざわめきも みんな君のものでいい

dirty words and fuss&fight get outa my sight
if it doesn't even kill your time, ごめんなさい
Mr.DJ turn your table hit me alnight
show me glory トリコに going on to the otherside

ladi lalalala the south wind blows,
are you looking for something new?
思うさま 歌って歩けば 心も躍るさ
ladi lalalala the south wind blows,
always giving me something new
君のために 笑ってくれる人がいれば
well it's amazing you and I got close
enough to talk 'bout love
you are leaving but I'm keeping up
the work so don't be sorry
thank my fans and friends and families and lord of music
I'll be gone before the break of dawn
I'm gonna go play my song