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La Chanson De L'adieu

La Chanson De L'adieu

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I'm in a dream, that's what I thought
It's an illusion I could not believe
As if the joy I wished has just come true all at once now
I see everything bright

The sound that I hear turn into songs
What I see now is pretty as pictures
It will be sealed
A sad old story I recall, it will never be read again
'Cause it's locked in an old book forever

The day goes on
When I give my love, when I take your love
Everyone feels, Like in a dream

I wake up from a long sweet dream
A big bell rings in a silent morning sky
Dear my sweet love…
I've not told you anything I want to
A good time has slipped away

Small young green leaves are snatched away by the wind
I'm just standing by myself
At that moment
I have learned my lesson, I feel helpless
I can only grieve my heart is beating so impatiently

My voice runs out
When I lose my love, when I leave my love
Everyone hopes, it is a dream

Separations come again and again in life so many times
So much bitter tears are fallen down again and again in life
And yet all of us believes in new encaunters in the future
The destiny will give them to the people on a whim all at once
Always and ever

Everyone feels
Everyone hope
Everyone prays