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Drop a curtain with kiss scene

Drop a curtain with kiss scene

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    for better, for worse
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When the scene came up Nicolas Cage
was dancing with the pretty woman.
The moment of angel pleasant seemed to forget to flow.
I wished that it will never again to flow.

The back music was“You Stole My Bell”played by Elvos Costello.
I wanna sing a love song a love song like this for you.
And at ending, it dropped a curtain with kiss scene.

I became 22, counting things
I'd lost and holding things in my arm.
You bacame 22, counting things
you'd lost and kissing things in your arm.

I will do anuthing for you.
Couse you and I are linked by pair-necklace.
Anywhere, anytime
I want to know how much you mean to me.
I feel that I've found you as true love.

People are aging, and change along the march of time.
Just like we were.
But still I want you stand by me.
We're not“Romeo and Juliet”
Our movie drops a curtain with kiss scene.

The butterfly flew away from me, scattering the scales.
leaving me your sweet fragrant.
It engraves you in my mind.
And it always reminds me of your smile
and memories of our first date.