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Something to Gain After the Pain

Something to Gain After the Pain

  • 歌手:
    Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • 発売日:
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Let's get fired up tonight
you need more than 6th sense
At least use thirteen to feel it

[Wake up!]
Right now and burn it
[Stand up!]
Your heart is dancing
[Dance now]
more than yesterday
Throw that stone with full speed

It isn't easy
To link bonds with people
To polish definite skills
To keep putting yourself into something for the things you want

It is something that people can not achieve easily yeah
That is why it's valuable, it's important

To achieve something important
is like building something little by little
The strength to not lose against yourself[yourself]
and the passion to not lose against others is needed

It's something that people can't achieve easily,
that is why [that is why] it's worth it

It ain't something you can get in a day or two so
skills (that) shakes people's hearts
It ain't something you can get in just a day or two so
The trustable people that are always with you
The strong will of running towards your target
Do all you can do ah

[Hybrid car!]
Like a hybrid car of heart and body, this is how we function
It's no doubt for people
who try to take the easy way out to be left behind
The course that awaits him is a sheer cliff thats what I think,
how about you?
Don't wanna end up like him

[We are] here! Stand up and let's go ahed
Doesn't have to be cool, it can look bad
[We are] here! Stand up and let's go ahed
Cuz there is something to gain after the pains

The sweat you can feel
The troubled times you spent will mean something to you oh
(The) important thing will be seen before what you crave for

The important things (that) aren't easy to gain
But your efforts, but your efforts will bring them to you
(The) irreplaceable things
Gain as much as you can
What will be assets of your life

The troubled times will have it's meaning [it's meaning]
What's important comes before what you crave
Achieve as much as you can [as you can]
What will be the assets of your life