• アーティスト
  • 楽曲
  • 歌詞


  • を含む
  • から始まる
  • と完全一致




Your Story

It's dark and cold, out where we stand alone
Beneath the ground, down deep the ocean
What have I done? What have you done wrong?
Our deep embrace, will you remember? The silence's gone

There used to be an empty space
There was no fear there's nothing to chase
Until you came and opened the way
And fear that loneliness will tear my heart away

Come stay and hear the hearts of melody
The warmth of skin, the gentle kisses
Could this be love…?

Sometimes I ask, why things have gone so wrong?
I've waited long, believed for so long
My angel face, has slept with tears in her eyes
“Don't leave me please”, will desert her how it was done?

She has no one, no place to go
She dreamed to have a place to belong
What we both long a place, sweet home
If I could un-wine the time and stay with you

Still dark and cold, out where we atand alone
Beneath the ground, down deep the ocean
We both have lied, and kissed, a sad good-bye
Your deepest love remains in my heart, how I love you so...